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Partners - STRATH

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Description: Two groups are active at Strathclyde. The first group, led by Prof. Dino Jaroszynski, studies laser-plasma interactions and develops and applies new particle sources based on laser-plasma wakefield accelerators and compact radiation sources based on plasma. An important objective of the group is to develop compact synchrotron and free-electron laser light sources. This activity is underpinned by both experimental and theoretical effort and involves a community of collaborators. The project, Advanced Laser Plasma High-energy Accelerators towards X-rays (ALPHA-X), provides a unique facility for undertaking advanced laser plasma accelerator studies. The ultimate goal of ALPHA-X is to accelerate femtosecond duration bunches of electrons to energies up to 1 GeV in a plasma wake driven by intense laser pulses and to use it to power compact ‘table-top’ x-ray FEL and synchrotron sources. The facility, consisting of a 30 TW
laser and an electron accelerator beamline and free-electron laser, is currently being enlarged as part of the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) by forming the Scottish Centre for the Application of Plasmabased Accelerators. Ultimately it will include a 200-300 TW laser and extensive facilities for applying beams and radiation sources. Recent highlights of ALPHA-X have been the first demonstration of controlled acceleration in a plasma wakefield accelerator and the first demonstration of a compact synchrotron source based on a wakefield accelerator. The second group is led by Dr. Paul McKenna. They have an extensive programme investigating laser-driven ion acceleration and electron transport in hot dense matter relevant to laser-driven fusion and have contributed to several major advances in the field recently.

Excellence: The group leads the ALPHA-X project and are leaders in the application of wakefield
accelerators. The group are leaders in ion acceleration using intense laser pulses and electron beam transport
in dense matter and fusion related problems. Prof. Jaroszynski is the director of the new Scottish Centre for
the Application of Plasma-based Accelerators, SCAPA. All groups are active in ELI and HiPER.

Main tasks: Plasma Physics, free-electron lasers, interaction of intense fields with matter, non-linear
optics, laser-driven ion accelerators and electron transport studies. Prof Jaroszynski participated in the
LAPTECH JRA in LaserlabII.

Previous experience: Plasma Physics, free-electron lasers, interaction of intense fields with matter, non-linear


16 Richmond Street

Glasgow G1 1XQ. Scotland

United Kingdom

 Phone +44 (0)141 5522891


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