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Access Facilities - LENS

LENS European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy, Florence, Italy

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The Laboratories offer a broad variety of experimental facilities for spectroscopic and non linear optics research. The frequency domain is covered from the far IR to the extreme UV with the highest available resolution. The time domain is covered with temporal resolution ranging from few femto to nanoseconds. The unique collection of short pulse laser sources available offers high peak power, femtosecond time resolution and broad tuneability (from IR to UV). Different time-resolved spectroscopic experiments can be performed, such as degenerate and non-degenerate four wave mixing experiments (photon echo, optical Kerr effect, transient gratings, etc.), time resolved fluorescence, two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy, transient absorption and stimulated emission, multiphoton spectroscopy etc.

The range of applications extends from relaxation processes in condensed matter (liquid and solid molecular systems, semiconductors, quantum wells, wires and dots, glasses) to excited state dynamics of interest in photochemistry, photophysics and photobiology, atomic physics in very intense fields, chemistry and physics under very high pressure, optics and photonics in complex media, medical laser applications, environmental monitoring, laser techniques in art restoration. The facilities offer great opportunity for experiments of atomic and molecular spectroscopy as precision atomic spectroscopy, spectroscopy with semiconductor diode lasers, far infrared spectroscopy, MOT experiments, coherent interactions in the ionization continuum, high resolution spectroscopy and relaxation dynamics of molecules and Van der Waals complexes in molecular beams using LIF and optothermal detection, high resolution FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy of gases and solids at low temperature and high pressure, micro-Raman spectroscopy of microstructures.


Atomic physics; high resolution and precision spectroscopy; molecular spectroscopy; high order harmonic generation; biophysics; semiconductors and quantum confined materials; optical properties of complex systems; photochemistry and photophysics of molecular systems; photo-active molecular materials; dynamics of liquids and glasses; very high pressure chemistry;

Research opportunities within the Laserlab access activity:

Several ultrafast laser systems and ultrastable narrowband laser sources are associated to sophisticated sample manipulation facilities (ultracold atomic condensates, supersonic molecular beam, very high pressure cells, scanning microscope) and up-to-date detection and acquisition systems, providing a broad spectrum of possible applications in physics, chemistry and biology.

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